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2011 Cycle-MK Challenge - complete

Thank you to everyone who clocked up 64,232 miles via 6,688 trips and saved 10,087 kilograms of CO2.

The Challenge may be over - but keep cycling! Continue to use this website to log your trips and keep track of your miles, CO2 and calories.

Click here to learn more about the Challenge and what was achieved.

Recent activity...

Ruth M cycled 0.7 miles
4 weeks ago

Robertsr R registered
2 months ago

Robertsr R registered
2½ months ago

Robertst R registered
3½ months ago

Williamlasp W registered
5½ months ago

Williamkah W registered
6½ months ago

Kazrinpip K registered
7 months ago

Bennganner B registered
7½ months ago

Josephkt J registered
8 months ago

Josephkt J registered
8½ months ago

Recent reasons...

“I cycle I want to keep fit and cut my carbon emissions” - Mark N

“I cycle because... It's fun, I'm saving money and losing weight!” - Roger S

“I cycle because I enjoy it” - Lynsey H

“I cycle through a number of lame excuses.” - Philip D

“I cycle because I can enjoy the outdoors and get fit at the same time” - mike h

“I cycle because...I need to burn off some calories!” - Christine H

“I cycle it makes me feel better” - Maurice B

“I cycle because...biking is so much fun” - Meera S

“I cycle because I get to see and hear things I wouldn't otherwise” - Ruth M

“I cycle gives me wings to fly!” - Nese C

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